Keeping up with your operations can be a hassle.


  • Comprehensive Dashboard

    All your data, all in one place! Manage your products, orders, inventory and more from one simple interface. And we’re adding new features all the time. No need to log into 5 separate sites to get the info you need. We make it easy to oversee every aspect of your business in a single location.

  • Ordering Overview

    Manage your orders from start to finish! Easily draft new POs, track the ordering progress, make payments, see shipping dates, and much more. We’ve made it easy to see all the moving parts of your ordering process. Plus, reordering your own products is as simple as clicking a button. Let us streamline your ordering and quit spending all your time with outdated spreadsheets.

  • Inventory Management

    We make it a snap to see your entire inventory at a glance. Whether it’s products we help you produce or third-party items we receive, you can see it all at a glance. And Shopify store support is a cinch: items can sync any time you wish and your inventory is automatically maintained. We can even alert you when stock is running low so you know when to reorder.

  • Product Development

    Phantom allows you to streamline product development with access to thousands of items. You can browse the catalog, upload your own graphics, and sample products at your own pace.
    We also provide help from our team of design experts to help create anything you can imagine!

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